2018/Q3 Ukraine Newsletter


Dear Friends and Partners,

VI2 Partners is happy to share with you our recent newsletter on the most important developments and economic trends in Ukraine.

VI2 Partners Ukraine Newsletter Q3 2018

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2018/Q2 Ukraine Newsletter


Dear Friends and Partners, 

Kindly find attached our VI2 Partners Q2 2018 newsletter on recent developments in Ukraine.

This quarter was rich in political and economic highlights, with the approval of the bill on the anti-corruption court and securing another € 1 bln from the European Council to cover Ukraine’s financial needs being, undoubtedly, among the most important ones for further progress and meeting up the expectations of the international community.

Slowly, but consistently, Ukraine sees retail trade grow by 7% and a 37% increase in capital investments Year-over-Year in Q1 2018. There is a reason to look optimistically into the coming quarters.

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VI2 Partners Ukraine Newsletter Q2 2018


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2018/Q1 Ukraine Newsletter


Dear Partners and Friends,

kindly find attached VI2 Partners newsletter on the recent developments in Ukraine as well as a quick overview of the latest important news and some statistics contributing to the whole dynamics of Q1 2018. We are experiencing positive developments from Tesla’s Hyperloop test site project in Dnipro to traditional industry players from US and Asia investigating or entering the market in Ukraine. Industrial and agricultural assets are still valued at very low levels, the time has come for the strategic investors.

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VI2Partners Ukraine Newsletter Q12018

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2017/Q4 Ukraine Newsletter


Dear Friends and Partners,

Please find attached our VI2 Partners Q4 2017 newsletter on recent developments in Ukraine and on our activities.

Slowly, but consistently, Ukraine is breaking through the political and economic turmoil. Ukraine has climbed four positions in the Doing Business 2018 raking of the World Bank and advanced 105 positions in the field of ease if obtaining construction permits as well as 41 positions upwards in the indicator “tax payment”.

The Government is proceeding with the reforms to raise the effectiveness of the national economy and encourage local as well as international businesses to invest and develop their capacities in Ukraine. The net inflow of FDI in Ukraine in January-September increased 40 % in comparison with 2016.

However, a slow-down in the fight against corruption and recent setbacks in that regard have raised the attention of foreign investors and Governments and should be watched carefully.

Overall, there are enough reasons to optimistically look forward to the year 2018.

VI2 Partners would like to express warmest season’s greetings and to wish you and your families a successful and healthy 2018!


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VI2Partners Ukraine Newsletter Q42017

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Dear Partners and Friends,

VI2 Partners is sharing with you the latest newsletter on recent developments in Ukraine and a snapchat of political and economic events in Q3 2017.


Summer was rich in both economic and political highlights. Ukraine started recovering from the crisis triggered by the political turmoil of 2014, the national currency is getting stronger, Ukrainian state-owned companies are finally reporting sufficient surplus with Naftogaz Ukrainy, Ukrenergo, Ukrainian Sea Port Authority, Ukrhydroenergo being among the most profitable state-owned assets (SOE) in 2016, according to the Top 100 SOE report prepared by the Economic Development and Trade Ministry.


Last but not least, Moody’s upgrading the outlook for Ukraine from stable to positive contributed to the overall positive dynamics and virtually serves as the best confirmation of the existing and upcoming positive changes.


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VI2Partners Ukraine Newsletter Q32017


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2017/Q2 Ukraine Newsletter


Amid the prolonged political instability and financial difficulties, Ukraine’s economy is demonstrating the hidden potential and distinct signs of recovery.

This gives us the reasons to assume, that the country is slowly coming back onto the radars of foreign investors, with upcoming deregulation and institutional reforms contributing to the overall economic upturn.

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2017/Q1 Ukraine Newsletter


The Lower House of the Parliament of Canada has ratified the free trade agreement with Ukraine. After completion of all the ratification procedures, Canada will abolish duties on 99.9% of Ukrainian imports. In turn, Ukraine will cancel 86% of duties on imports from Canada.

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VI2Partners Ukraine Newsletter Q12017

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2016/Q4 Ukraine Newsletter


2016 could be regarded as a year of political and economic consolidation for Ukraine. With the ongoing Ukraine/Russia conflict posing a threat to the future development as well as the new US policy towards the given conflict being yet to forecast, there are definitely plenty of positive signs on Ukraine’s political horizon. We will share quarterly information on the developments in Ukraine in our new UKRAINE NEWSLETTER section.



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