DUMP DUMB TRUMP – Admittedly A European View

The reality show in the White House continues. Between family members selling US visas to China, Ivanka cashing in 100 Million USD for a so far unknown foundation while her husband is closing a huge arms deals with the same clients, and the President practicing sword dance, the post WW II order is eroding faster than the Larsen C Shelf in the Antarctic. In between we learn, that the Real Donald is giving away his Real Phone Number to other heads of states, talking openly about the locations of nuclear subs, handing out Israeli intelligence to the Russians (while keeping European allies in the dark) and looking for communication back channels with nations suspected of hacking and influencing US elections.
Washington rumors are spreading, that the producers of House of Cards are increasingly annoyed, as viewers get bored with second class intrigues and plays of Frank and Claire Underwood, and are demanding instead bodycams and live streams from the West Wing of the White House. Netflix would love to negotiate with the Trump family on the licensing rights, and the “Trump First – All Others are Fake” movement could make another great, fantastic deal, creating millions and millions for the family, doing such a tremendous job for the country. Future tax benefits for the ultra rich need to be good for something.
But, serious. This US presidency, which could have been indeed a great opportunity for the US, is turning into an absurd theater with collateral damage beyond any imagination. Other Western leaders are starting to move from utter disbelief into open opposition and strategic re-orientation of their countries, not willing to embark on the twitter based America Only adventure at the cost of their countries and taxpayers.

7 days in office – who will call the bluff? |

The RealDonald proves to be very real. 7 days in office, and the world order is already shaking. The world is paralyzed, and in utter disbelief what is happening and how fast and how un-contested. Whoever had hoped or feared that the behavior of the President is different to the behavior of the President-Elect and…

Since our last contribution on US developments „7 days in office- who will call the bluff“ the White House Adhocracy has trumped all expectations:
  • Nato has been severely weakened. Article 5 no more unanimously supported. Individual states and EU to develop parallel defense structures to NATO
  • Russia and China have gained global recognition and increased their significance as a global partner
  • The armament race in the Middle East and around the globe has gained pace
  • Already sensitive intelligence services are on alert and less inclined to share
  • Global fight against climate change is substantially weakened
  • The „Donald-gut-feeling against substance and logic” has led to firing and deliberate brain drain from the White House
  • The American torch of freedom, human rights and democratic values is fading
Well the good news is, that populist movements in Europe are losing ground fast with every statement and action of Trump. He is also the single most important factor for faster European integration. The bad news is, that we can expect more and worse statements and actions, before this chapter of American history will be closed (and do not expect it to happen fast). By scrapping international agreements and contracts and focusing on a purely competitive win-lose approach in international politics, the US will lose its credibility as a reliable partner and as a global leader, opening the field for other players to fill this void. Nobody can tell today, to what this will lead.
The probability for a (successful) impeachment is very low, given the rightful constitutional hurdles for this process in the absence of a smoking gun fired by Trump. But, the bluff will be called more and more by the press, the FBI and the intelligence services; and of course Little Marco and Johnny Walker Mc Cain are always in to start a DUMP DUMB TRUMP campaign. As this will start nagging and hurting more and more, with a tsunami of news from special investigators, senate committees and administration insiders, there might be a case for a face-saving (reason to be found) resignation of the President. Or, we might experience the Real Donald starting a Real war on the Korean peninsula. He would not be the first to cover problems at home with escalation abroad. The probability of this scenario, unfortunately, is going up. Watch out, we are moving rapidly into unknown and turbulent waters.
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